Photography has been a hobby that I have always enjoyed, even more so after I had my children.  Capturing all the special moments, what a joy!  Now it has become a great passion and my business since 2009.  I treasure the God given ability of:

 "Capturing the Moments of Today for the Memories of Tomorrow".


Every persons life has a story. I like to capture that with photography. Portraits help keep the moments, events, & experiences alive.  Portraits allow time to be frozen with one click of the shutter.  


My focus is capturing you, your family, your interests, and beyond.


My main sources of inspiration & light are provided by Mother Nature "God's Light". In most cases I will come to you, or we can meet in a location that I have found to be picturesque. I feel that there is no better backdrop than the great outdoors & nature's beauty.


I like to take beautiful, memorable pictures that are in a simple and relaxed setting! Contact me today....let's tell your story.

 Paula Sapp 863-441-1506


"Capturing the Moments of Today for the Memories of Tomorrow"!